Standard Mark for Industrial Products (TIS)

To certify the quality of the product, certifiers will issue a certificate and give a certification mark. In Thailand, the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) provides product quality certification. There will be a product test, evaluate the quality control system of the manufacturing plant, including follow up and issue a license to display standard marks. Products that display standard marks means the products have been inspected and certified by the Quality Assurance Agency, meet the standards set, safe to consume, effective to use and good quality. Currently, TISI has allowed in the mark TIS as follows :


Standard mark is a product certification mark that TISI defines the standard of the product. Only manufacturers in Thailand can apply for quality assurance voluntarily (General standard) to improve the quality of products to meet the standards set in the standard and to assure consumers or buyers that the product quality, safe, cost effective and suitable for price such as food products, building materials, office material, electrical appliances etc.

TIS Voluntary (General) Mark


Standard mandatory mark is a product certification mark that is required by law to meet the standards (mandatory standard) for the safety of consumers and prevent damage to the economy and society by the collective. By the law enforcing the manufacturer, importers and suppliers must produce, import and sell, but only products that meet the standards. There must be a standard mandatory sign for each unit. To show that the product has already passed the legal audit. For example, matches, electrical wires, ballasts, detergents, PVC pipes, iron products, fire extinguishers, children’s toys, helmet, etc.

TIS Mandatory (General) Mark