Zergo Guidelines, Policies & Fees

Last Updated: June25, 2019


  1. Legal Terms
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Invoicing and Payment
  4. Cancellation & Credits
  5. Project Lifecycle & Statuses
  6. Additional Fees
  7. Local Representative Services
  8. Client Deliverables & Responsibilities
  9. Project Resources & Additional Help
  10. Pricing

Legal Terms

To review the legal terms of use governing your engagement with Zergo, please reference Zergo Terms and Conditions(link to ‘Terms and Conditions page).

Privacy Policy

Zergo Co., Ltd. (“we,” “us,” “our,” “Company,” or “Zergo”) knows that you care about how your personal information is used and shared, and we take your privacy seriously. For more details, please visit Zergo Privacy Policy.

Invoicing & Payment

100% of your project fees will be invoiced once the quote is accepted, and payment is due within 7 days unless otherwise agreed to in writing between you and Zergo. Failure to pay promptly may result in the delay of your project. Ownership of assets and usage rights do not transfer until payment is made in full.

For Members

Your membership fee is due at the start of the term for the full term of membership, due within 30 days.

Cancellation & Credits

In the instance where you need to cancel your project, fees will be assessed based on work completed. This allows us to appropriately compensate the team assigned to your project. You will receive a credit for unused services. Please note that canceling a project forfeits the right to use any deliverable product.

Credit may be denied at Zergo’s sole discretion. Cancellation for credit requires written cancellation to be received. If source files are requested and submitted before the project is closed, the full value of the project is considered complete and delivered.

Rush fees for all types of rush projects are non-refundable once the project has been assigned, and no credit will be offered on a rush project once work has begun.

Paid unused services (credits) must be used within 90 days from the date of the issuance of the invoice to avoid a contract cancellation fee for the full amount of the original services.

For members, any credits can be applied toward future project fees indefinitely, as long as your membership fee is in good standing. If you fail to pay your membership fee within 30 days, we will draw down from your unused credits to cover your membership fee.


  • Work begun is defined at least one deliverable has been prepared by Zergo team

Project Lifecycle & Statuses

1) Quote acceptance and project start:

Quotes must be accepted and projects started within 30 days of quote receipt unless otherwise contracted.

Unaccepted quotes and projects not started within this same timeframe will expire, giving Zergo the right to adjust pricing on the quote for that project.


  • Project start is defined as when your Zergo team has everything they need to begin work and the project is officially “kicked off.”

2) Quote accepted:

Paid unused services must be used within 90 days from the date of invoice to avoid a contract cancellation fee for the full amount of the original services.

3) Project assignment:

Zergo will assign your team within 2 business days from the date of the issuance of the invoice unless otherwise contracted.

4) To complete your project (max timeline policy):

All project types have standard timelines and scope of durations. Every effort should be taken to complete projects within the scope of duration. Any changes to project timelines must be agreed upon in writing with Zergo and may incur additional costs. However, Zergo understands that projects may require some flexibility, and as a result:

Clients are granted a grace period of 3 weeks of additional access to their project and teams without penalty. This grace period begins 3 weeks after the original duration is met, based on project kick-off date. (Any duration added from new scope from a Change Order will be tacked on before the 3 weeks begins; if there is new scope added during the grace period, that duration will be added to what remains in your grace period).

If the project is not closed by end of these 3 weeks, clients will be invoiced 20% of the total project value to date (including any added scope from Change Orders) each month the project continues to stay open.

Projects may remain open past the max completion time at Zergo’s discretion.

5) On hold:

In order to accommodate unforeseen issues, clients can request to put their project on hold once for up to 14 days to avoid reaching max timeline on their project and incurring additional fees.

Zergo reserves the right to place a project on hold if there is no client activity after 21 days.

At the end of the 21 days, if the client hasn’t opted to re-active or cancel, Zergo will close the project and consider it complete and the balance due.

If a client opts to cancel, standard cancellation fees/policies apply.

6) Zergo to manually close a project:

If a project has no client activity for more than 21 days, Zergo reserves the right to close the project and consider it complete, at which time any remaining fees will become due and payable.

7) To reopen a project after it’s been closed:

Projects may be reopened at a later date at Zergo’s discretion.

Additional or higher fees may apply to cover the cost of re-staffing a new team for the additional work.

8) To answer a follow-up question:

After clients have attained certification and have questions, Zergo remains available one month, at no extra charge, to answer the questions.

Additional Fees

Beyond all other additional fees that are outlined in our policies, requesting work from your assigned team that is beyond the agreed-upon scope (e.g., additional deliverables or more revision rounds, etc.), requires a Change Order.

Additionally, any requested edits after source files have been submitted may result in additional fees; Zergo is not responsible for changes made to source files by the client after the team has submitted them.

Zergo is not responsible for fees associated with stock imagery, assets, test reports or certificates. Licenses must be purchased by the client. This is to protect the client and ensure the right ownership has been properly secured.

Local Representative Service

If clients request for Zergo local representative service, the certificate will be issued in Zergo’s name, held and owned by us.

Zergo local representative service is not responding to the necessary goods declaration, clearances, licenses, and any other requirements, in order to release from customs custody prior to importation, or the submission of requirements after arrival of the goods.

Client Deliverables & Responsibilities

Clients are responsible for:

  • Providing any information, materials, and assets (e.g., contact number, documentation, etc.) required for any non-contracted deliverables and materials to ensure that the Zergo team has the information they need to kick off the project.
  • Reviewing deliverables and providing the Zergo team the feedback and information needed to continue and complete work in a timely manner that follows the project schedule.
  • Not requesting rush turnarounds from their Zergo team if the rush is not included in the project’s scope.
  • Not requesting additional deliverables or added scope from their Zergo team without going through the proper Change Order process.

Disposal of Samples

Clients can request to return their sample within 30 days of testing completion. Zergo reserves the right to send the sample to receive extermination if there is no client request for more than the 30 days, at which time any disposal fees will become due and payable.

Project Resources & Additional Help

If clients need additional assistance or can’t find the answer, contact us at hello@zergo.co.th – our team is standing by to help.


Please refer to our current project prices.