TISI certificate adheres to the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) norms and regulations which clearly emphasize one thing, i.e. the product has undergone tests and accurately fulfills the minimum set of regulatory, safety and technical requirements. Obtaining certification requires several types of testing and also includes evaluating procedures. It is necessary to see whether the product is suited for the Thai market or not.

TISI mark of certification is of two types i.e. 1) For voluntary product and 2) For mandatory products.

  • The voluntary products are applicable to Thai manufacturers where the product has to meet the regulated safety standards.
  • For Mandatory product, which is applicable to all distributors, manufacturers, and importers, one has to fulfill several requirements like the technical aspects, factory inspection, sample testing, market surveillance, and other necessary obligations laid by the Thailand government.

In both cases, the certification towards a specific product remains valid until and unless the product is altered or modified.

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