Thailand’s business environment is rapidly improving and for many businesses, it has opened a door to further expand. Being the second largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia, Thailand is popularly known to be a hub for continental ASEAN and with a preeminent growth in telecommunication, automotive and electronics, it’s becoming a favorable location to conquer a niche market and to diversify business with innovative products and services.

Despite going through tense political situations, Thailand has shown a resilient economy and many businesses are considering it as the next location to expand. The only question that matters the most – Is your business prepared to capture all the possible opportunities in 2019 or 2020?

Scaling your business in Thailand is not as easy as it sounds. The reason being said is because it requires a well-thought consideration with the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) and other approval guidelines and protocols. It takes a considerable effort and at the end of the day, the significance of professional assistance becomes highly imperative to foresee that everything (testing, documentation and filing) has been done accurately and precisely.

This is where Zergo Thailand’s approval assistance for NBTC certification and TISI certification comes into existence with a motive to offer you an unfailing solution for all approval norms and guidelines.

Think of Thailand’s product approval from a competition perspective. It is obvious when your business enters into a market, you are likely to offer to masses. TISI focuses on the entrant of quality goods and services. Our approval agency provides competitive intelligence and assists as the quickest way to enter the market, promote and operate legally and confers you a pathway to scale your business effectively.

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