5G In Thailand

Thailand embarked on its mission of becoming of the pioneers of 5G network across Asia as Thai government’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) announced its plans of making 5G available to carriers and service providers in the countries. Leaders of the industry including Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei have queued up to acquire a 5G licence basis the NBTC approval at the earliest. NBTC Certification program is already in place to take care of the allotment of 5G rights to the carriers and manufacturers seeking it. The NBTC Certification Thailand government has devised considers all the technical and industrial aspects and plans to inspect every single request in a thoroughly scrutinized manner.

What Is The Process To Acquire 5G Rights In Thailand?

The NBTC is planning to make 5G licences available in spectrum-based phase-wise auctions by 2020. The first to be auctioned will be the 2,600 MHz spectrum which will be available for private sectors after acquiring an NBTC Certificate on account of an NBTC approval. Next up will be the 850 MHz and 1800 MHz spectrums, which will be auctioned in the second phase. The final phase will auction the 700 MHz spectrum.

What Can Zergo Do?

An NBTC Certificate is awarded post thorough examination of the applicant company. The NBTC Certification Thailand government provides involves many minute details which are limited only to the domain experts. Zergo simplifies this process of understanding the nuances and helps you submit a valid application good enough to stamp itself with the seal of an NBTC approval. Zergo facilitates the entire procedure of acquiring the NBTC Certification Thailand network carriers will require to provide their consumers with 5G experience. We have analysed every single parameter required to acquire an NBTC Certificate for a 5G licence in Thailand and aim to utilise our knowledge in helping our clients reach their goal with ease.