Industrial standards set up boundaries and quality parameters which ensure the arrival of first-class products in the target marketplace.  Though it doesn’t sound much like a big deal, but we simply can’t imagine our world without industrial standards because these standards are actually a preeminent gateway to good quality tech products and gadgets (such as electric fans, refrigerators, clothes washing machines or microwave ovens) and evidently make sure the tech is safe for consumer use.

For an organization seeking an entrant to Thailand’s market, it has become highly imperative to keep up with the specification and procedure to maximize reliability. Adhering to standards usually requires testing which addresses a broad range of issues and makes the product even better. Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) is designed to maintain the national standard, safeguard the consumer interest, increase competitiveness, and protect the environment too.


#1. Industrial standards provide manufacturers with real economic benefits. Your products come into the category of ‘reliable’ and can further access new markets.

#2. Adhering to the industrial standard differentiates you as a brand and contributes to the corporation’s bottom line. Later on, it becomes part of your business strategy.

#3. Consider TISI approval as a competitive edge from a consumer perspective. A good standard product also maintains choices for consumers and influences their purchase decision. Even customers prefer an unfailing product from a trusted brand. Your commitment to first class products portrays you as trustworthy.

In an era of globalization, these benefits help as a great foundation for any organization. At Zergo, we will make sure your venture adheres with industrial standards through local testing, overseas factory inspection and application submission to responsible organizations. To learn more about the TISI certificate and approval, click here.