Thailand’s new television system has been occurred and used DVB-T2 system since 2014. If you are using analog TV whether it is a cabinet or flat screen, CRT / LCD TV / LED TV / PLASMA TV, used an indoor or outdoor antenna, there is no need to replace a new television set. Just buy a converter box or Set-Top-Box DVB-T2 system and connect it to your analog TV via HDMI port or the red, white and yellow AV channel or RG6 cable. It will change the signal from analog to digital. Again, it must be a DVB-T2 receiver box, a normal DVB-T receiver cannot receive the signal!

If your TV is already in digital, so what is the reception of your TV’s digital signals?

Previously sold television sets usually receive digital signals only to older DVB-T systems. They cannot get a new digital TV signal. Because of this upcoming digital TV will receive the latest DVB-T2 signaling system. If so, any home that uses DVB-T system has to buy the box to receive the conversion as well as a local cable TV that it is possible to see digital by connecting the signal through the Set-Top Box.

But if you just bought a new television recently and it is labeled as Built-In Tuners DVB-T2 system. You can watch digital TV clearly without having to buy a box. Just simply connect the antenna to tune the TV channels to watch it.

If your home television is watching through C-Band or KU-Band, you can watch digital TV at all. There is no need to find the antenna or any receiver box to add, you just want to unplug it and plug it in again. Because satellite or cable is digital already and the NBTC has imposed rules Must Carry compelling giving each satellite a digital signal for the members to watch.

What if we do not wish to watch digital TV?

In case you don’t want to change the TV and don’t want to buy a converter box. You can still watch free TV channels until the year 2020. But there is an agreement under the resolution of the ASEAN Information Minister or AMRI (ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information) that all countries must broadcast digital terrestrial television. Besides, the analogue broadcast must be discontinued during the year 2015-2020.

When the year 2020 is over, then each country will have to cut off analogue signals. Those who don’t have a converter box and no TV with DVB-T2 will not be able to receive free analogue TV signals anymore. So, in the future, it must change to digital TV.

Can we watch digital tv via smartphone/ tablet?

Digital TVs can also be watched through smartphones or tablets If there is a built-in DVB-T2 tuner or a digital TV tuner, such as a USB dongle. There is cell phone supports DTV (DVB-T2) selling in the market recently.

To learn more about Thailand certification for digital TV, make a visit to our broadcasting equipment approval.