NBTC approval and TISI certification are necessary to launch a product in Thailand’s market. These are some regulations that have to be followed before a product is manufactured. Without NBTC approval, best of the products cannot reach the market of Thailand. Recently, Thailand has become an attractive location for various businesses. Opportunities are growing in the country, and therefore, more people wish to spread their business and services in Thailand. One major problem for businesses from other countries is absence of base and knowledge about the local market. Zergo solves the problem by becoming a local representative in Thailand. Zergo helps its clients in receiving NBTC approval and certification as soon as possible. But why do you need a local representative?

Why Do You Need A Local Representative?

Two of the major factors you might need a local representative in Thailand are as follows-

Issues Of Nationality

There are a few mandatory rules regarding NBTC approval in Thailand.  One of those mandatory criteria states that the applicant should be of Thai nationality. If the individual is not Thai, then he or she must be registered under the jurisdiction of Thai law.

It restricts the entrance of foreign investors, but having a local representative in Thailand is helpful. The application for a foreign company or brand has to be made through a local representative in Thailand.

Language Barrier

An investor who is not Thai will have problems regarding the language throughout the process of NBTC approval. It is mandatory to speak or understand Thai to work efficiently in the industry. A local representative helps you in understanding the language without actually learning it. Zergo provides the client with papers in both languages i.e. Thai and English. A local representative is quite essential for foreign clients.