There are a lot of questions when a potential client thinks of hiring our services. Therefore, we answer the five most basic questions about Zergo and TISI approval Thailand.

How Long Does The Process Take?

There is no fixed time when it comes to getting a TISI approval Thailand. It depends on the product and the brand’s involvement. There are a lot of factors involved in getting a TISI approval Thailand. The whole process is distributed into layers which might take longer than anticipated. It also depends on the institute and labs assigned to test the product. Zergo does its best in speeding up the process but can assure you to finish the whole process in a certain period.

Does It Cost More If I Apply On Urgent Basis?

Yes, it costs 50% more if you are in a hurry to get TISI approval Thailand. There are special rush rates for cases that require quick action.

How Do I Communicate With Zergo?

Zergo stays in touch with the client through emails and phone. We understand that you have other tasks at hand and business to develop. Therefore, we do not expect you to visit our office for meetings now and then. If it is urgent, one of our team members will visit your office to resolve issues regarding TISI approval Thailand.

Can I Expect Commitment From Zergo?

Zergo is a highly professional certification agency. We select our clients and commit to them throughout the process. Zergo works along with the client and helps them with the smallest details. Even after a brand receives its TISI approval Thailand, Zergo extends services for a month extra.

What If I Am Not Local?

Zergo specializes in import products, which means that the brand is foreign. We understand the hardships of distance, and it is one of the major reasons we help our clients. Zergo also offers local representatives to help you through the process.