Are you looking for the professional consultant for industrial product approvals and telecommunication equipment approvals in Thailand? If yes, then you are at the right place. Zergo is the leading agency; catering approval assistances for the national and international organization. Since we are working with the proficient team that is experienced and understands diverse diligences, you get the ‘best-in-class’ approach for the product approval meant for safety, EMC, RF products and mandatory product types in Thailand.

What You Gain with Certified Product?

In the world where technology is evolving at a rapid rate and new products are entering into the market, the product approval does ensure that your product has undergone all the required checking &testing and ready for selling purpose. It builds trust in the market for your brand not only in the eye of the consumer but also in front of the investors and the government.

By associating your business with Zergo, you gain a reliable product approval that indeed:

  • Certifies that your business product is absolutely perfect to take responsibility
  • Helps in building marketing opportunities- Build trust in your target market and among your competitors
  • Enhances the brand value in front of your investors, government and prospects
  • Creates a possibility for continuous improvement and assessment
  • Minimizes the risk of health issue, negative feedback, and complaint

Let Us Make Your Business Appear Legit. Zergo is specialized in all types of approvals such as- Thailand safety & EMC approval, TISI certification, NBTC certification, and factory inspection.

We are qualified to handle product local testing, overseas factory inspection and application submission to legally responsible organizations. If you desire to know more about our approval and certification business, just click here to begin.