Have you decided to get an NBTC approval Thailand? If yes, then there are three questions you must ask yourself before starting the process with Zergo’s assistance.

Am I Ready To Commit To A Tedious Process Of Certification?

The process of getting an NBTC approval Thailand is wearisome. It takes a lot of time and documentation. However, Zergo is an agency that decreases the load and dullness of the work. But it still requires the client’s commitment towards the task. Zergo helps you each step of the way. A lack of response from your side will delay the NBTC approval in Thailand. Also, once you pay the initial fees, there is no refund available. Therefore, think before you hire Zergo’s services as our time is as precious as yours.

Can I Afford To Lose Time By Doing It Myself?

Now, you may think of going through NBTC approval Thailand all by yourself. If a brand wishes to get approval without an agency, then they must know that the process takes longer and costs more. How? Zergo is an experienced certification agency and knows all the minute details of the paperwork. A brand, on the other hand, might struggle to gather all the information along with necessary documentation and lab tests. It takes up months and a lot of money which could be put on growing or marketing of the product. So, ask yourself if you are willing to waste time.

How Much Time Do I Have In My Hands?

How eager are you to launch your product in the market? How much time do you have to get an NBTC approval Thailand? Zergo carefully selects clients and caters to their demands. If you have less time in your hands, then Zergo can be very beneficial. Zergo has reputable contacts and experience in the certification which allows them to go through the process quickly on demand. However, it costs more than normal. A company cannot get approval in a short time on its own.