Labelling on Telecommunication Equipment

Labelling is to assign a registration number to an authorized to do or imported telecommunication equipment into the country which passed the examination of technical characteristics from the NBTC.

The information on the marking is registration number. Not a type approval number.

The licensee who has been certified or accredited for telecommunication equipment must transmit the authorized equipment to the NBTC office to conduct technical characteristics and set up registration number. Except for telecommunication equipment that have been declared unregistered.

These include radio communication used in public radio service as follows :

1. Cellular
2. Wireless local loop
3. Personal communication telephone
4. Paging radio
5. Satellite TV Receiver (TVRO) Only to watch, not apply to commercial exploitation


Labeling (label issued by office of NBTC)

Supplier has an obligation to show NTC/NBTC marking of conformity by affixing label on telecommunication equipment:

For Class A equipment :


where YYYYYY is registration number (6 digits)

ZZ is the year of registration (last 2 digits of the year) XXXX is supplier code (4 digits)

For Class B equipment :


where AAAAAA is certification number (6 digits)

BB is the year of certification (last 2 digits of the year) XXXX is supplier code (4 digits) 

Labeling Requirement

Equipment labeling example

The label shall be affixed on equipment, and shall be easily legible, visible and cannot be easily removed. In case where label cannot be properly placed on the equipment (e.g. the equipment size is too small), the label shall be shown on the materials that come with the equipment (e.g. package or user manual). The Office of NBTC will issue labels to supplier as requested.

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